Faroe Islands Maritime Services

Faroe Islands Maritime Services is a newly established organization, of which the purpose is to promote and inform about the possibilities for maritime services in the Faroe Islands. 

The ambition of Faroe Islands Maritime Services is to become a well known service brand and to attract maritime customers to the Faroe Islands. 

During the last 20 years of oil exploration, the Faroese maritime service industry has gone through at huge development and is today providing a wide range of maritime services within all service sectors. The quality of the services and the flexibility of the work force are highly valued.

The competitive advantages of the Faroe Islands maritime services and the high value provided to our customers can be summarised as follows:

1. Unique geographic location 

Located between Iceland and Norway, north of Shetland, the Faroe Islands are situated in a maritime sweet spot. Also, the Faroe Islands are closer to the traffic of the Northeast Passage than most harbors in the region.

2. Proven competences within offshore services

When the large oil rig West Hercules last year needed extensive repair work done, the Faroese shipyard MEST and PAM Offshore Services gathered the key personnel and skills needed to take on this project. The rig was towed into the largest natural harbor in the Faroe Islands - Skálafjørðurin - and the entire repair work was done efficiently and on time. This was possible because the Faroese providers teamed up and showed what can be achieved here in the Faroe Islands, when different companies and different professions team up. This case - awarded the industrial project of the year by the House of Industry last year - clearly demonstrates that maritime services are second to none.

3. High flexibility in work force and providing services

The maritime expertise of the Faroese is widely renowned, signified by a high degree of flexibility and professionalism, which extends to crew, officers, shipping companies and service providers alike. This flexibility is deeply rooted in Faroese culture and our maritime history, where the seafaring tradition is strong.

4. Most services reachable within a one hour radius

The high standard of the infrastructure combined with short domestic distances gives the opportunity of access to most services within only an hour. This means short dwelling time for the vessels and quick access to services.

5. Competitive price level

The price level in the Faroe Islands is competitive, both regarding costs and services. There are several harbors of international standard that have gain great experience at a competitive price level.