Vónin is a major developer and manufacturer of high quality fishing gear and aquaculture equipment as well as supplying equipment to the offshore industry and land based industry.

We have always put a great effort in product innovation and do we have a very close co-operation with our clients in the process of product development.

Vónin operates across the globe and has branches in the Faroe Islands, Greenland, Canada, Denmark, Norway, Russia, Lithuania and Iceland

Our comprehensive range off fishing gear includes pelagic trawls, semi pelagic trawls, bottom trawls, shrimp trawls, purse seine nets, pots, sorting grids, trawl doors, trawl cameras etc.

For the aquaculture industry we manufacture cage nets, cages, mooring equipment, bird nets, seines, drum net washers etc.

For the offshore and land based industry Vónin supplies steel wires, high performance ropes, nets, lifting gear etc


Tórshavn Branch
Vónin Ltd.
Vestara Bryggja 12
FO-100 Tórshavn
Faroe Islands

Telephone: +298 474 200
Fax +298 313 319
Email: info@vonin.com

Head Office
Vónin Ltd.
Bakkavegur 22
FO-530 Fuglafjørður
Faroe Islands

Telephone: +298 474 200
Email: info@vonin.com

Vónin Ltd.
Flatnavegur 6
FO-460 Norðskála
Faroe Islands

Telephone: +298 474200
Fax: +298 474 203
Email: aquaculture@vonin.com