MEST is the largest shipyard in the Faroe Islands. The MEST group consists of 2-300 employees. MEST Group consists of the following: MEST Thorshavn, MEST Skála and MEST Runavík – and PAM Offshore Service.

The company has two large slipways in Thorshavn, one is 1000 tons and the other 2500 tons. In Skála there is a slipway at 1500 tons and a dry dock for ships up to 120 meters length. In both places there are modern workshops and construction halls.

MEST has the largest stock in the Faroe Islands when it comes to spare parts. MEST can  service all types of vessels and is a comprehensive and reliable provider of components and services to the international maritime market, specialized in hydraulics, filters, steel, cranes, winches and many more things. In Runavik there is a modern workshop for stainless steel production. The stock in Runavik has everyting from elctrical motors to hydraulic components.


You can watch a video from the Faroese television (KVF) produced in connection with the West Hercules project in the bottom of the page. 


J.C. Svabosgøta 31
P.O.BOX 65 - FO-100 Tórshavn
Faroe Islands

Telephone:+298 301100
fax:+298 301101