Betri is a local company for the entire Faroese community. Simultaneously, the standard of the Betri can easily be compared to that of the international companies in the countries around us. The aim of the Betri is to be a pioneer within the insurance industry and other related industries.

Betri can provide for any kind of insurance need into every corner of the Faroese business community and personal life. Our aim is to embrace and handle any request fast and in the safest way. In 2001, when the oil industry started its exploratory drillings, Betri was proud to announce that the oil industry had chosen us to provide for the necessary insurance.

Betri has a well-educated and highly experienced staff. Every employee of the company receives the necessary education on a continuous basis, to be able to ensure that our customers receive a unique service and diligent and rapid claims handling.

Contact info

Betri P/F 
Postsboks 329
FO-110 Tórshavn

Telephone: +298 345600