If you require security services in the Faroe Islands, we are pleased to be at your service. 

ANSNI is the largest security company in the Faroe Islands. We advice and provide customer tailored security solutions, designed to fit our customer's specific needs and requirements. 

With competent and skilled staff, we have become the largest and foremost security company operating on the Faroe Islands. We operate within three main areas of security; GUARDING, TECHNOLOGY and RESPONSE.

GUARDING: Our security guarding team operates within protecting people, facilities, monitoring activity in and around premises, maintaining critical operations during an emergency - we provide all these security solutions and more, including; V.I.P. security, business security, boat- and vessel security, port security, traffic security and other. 

SECURITY TECHNOLOGY: Our technology team operates within advising and equipment within security technology such as surveillance equipment and alarms.

EMERGENCY RESPONSE: Our response team monitors our customer's alarms and gives prompt notice to our GUARDING team to check the alarm. 

With these three units working closely together, we are able to provide you with a holistic service within security.

Being on guard 24/7 has given us the opportunity to offer other services suiting our business, such as CALL-CENTERservices. Our CALL-CENTER staff speak English, Danish and Scandinavian language and we always endeavour to offer you the best of service. 

Contact Info

Hovíksvegur 61
Postboks 1301
FO-110 Tórshavn

Telephone +298 606060
Fax +298 315079