Effo supplies fuels, lubricants and related products and services for both the domestic and commercial sector. We take pride in ensuring that every deal and physical supply is to the satisfaction of all parties.

We are commited to provide professional customer services and we pride ourselves in our reliable, efficient deliveries while working hard for our customers to make sure they get the most competitive prices from the market.

We select the right partners, offer the right quality products at the right price, always ensuring that the customer is supplied with first class quality.

With our expertise and long experience we are big enough to be powerful. With our local presence, we are small enough to be agile and flexible. We provide round the clock supplies and services in every location in Faroes.

Contact Info

Effo P/F
Óðinshædd 3
P.O. Box 3098
FO-110 Tórshavn

Email effo@effo.fo
Salesdepartment sales@effo.fo