Our motto “ A Solid Foundation” is our keyword and guiding light. We endeavour to be honest, reliable and to honour and fullfill all commitments and obligations undertaken and are proud to present our track record. 

Dedicated and scilled employees , a considerable park of the most modern equipment together with financial strenght enable Articon to undertake building and construction works in Europe. 

Clear and constructive muteal communication from the very early days at the drawingboard until the final stages of the project is paramount in making the task a success. Articon is therefore keen to offer our assistance and expertice from the very beginning. 


Contact info

Articon P/F
Postboks 3109
FO-110 Tórshavn 

Tel. (+298) 350 700
Fax. (+298) 350 705 


Jón Danielsen, CEO, mob. +298 210 683
Niclas Joensen, CFO, mob. +298 216 169