The company started with a small workshop in the fall of 1991. The shop with the name EL-IN opened a year after the founding.

The story of the company continious with growing in to new areas, year after year. Since Norðoyatunnilin opened in 2006, the progress for the company has been massive.

There is a better contact to our customers around the islands. that we respect as the highest.

Our shop has a great selection of lamps, appliances, HiFi and electrical parts and more.

Because of increasing requests through the time, we choosed to build our own building.

Today we have a large shop with all you need in the electrical area, and a electrical workshop containing around 15-20 workers.
Our areas are:

Installations in houses/building
Fire installations/ABA
Antenna and TV installations
Fiber/cat installations
Renovation and troubleshooting on ships/boats
Renovation on appliances
And more

We can provide all electrical parts and man power, a few things mentioned is: pumps, electrical motors, generators, lanterns, accumulators, LED spotlights etc.

Check our website for more information, and the some projects that we have done through the time.


Contact info

Sp/f El-in

Klingrugarður 8

700 Klaksvík

Faroe Island


Tel: +298 474500

Email: el-in@el-in.fo