J.F. Kjølbro Wholesale


J. F. Kjolbro Wholesale has an exciting and broad variety of food products for both detail and catering – we supply goods to supermarkets, convenience stores, ships, large kitchens, institutions, hotels and restaurants. We also have an excellent and broad variety of confectionary.


The fishing industry has always been at the heart of Faroese life and economy, this is nowhere more true than in the picturesque town of Klaksvik, also known as the Fishing Capital of the Faroe Islands. Provision for the fishing fleet has therefore always been an integral part of our business, and our traditions and experience in this field make us one of the leading provision companies in the Faroe Islands. We deliver food, cleaning/washing equipment, kitchen equipment, confectionery and more.

Our goal is to continue our excellent delivery service to the Faroese fishing fleet, and also to continue providing our customers with top quality goods at an affordable prize.

We do this by delivering your order to your vessel, and our employees will also carry the goods onboard your vessel. Our provision service is a 24 hour service.

We aim to make your work trouble-free by making avaliable a provision list, which contains all the items we offer. You can recieve this list by contacting our reception or by E-mail.

Orders and Contact

Telephone orders:
+298 471111 (reception)
+298 232021 (provision) 

E-mail orders:  
mail@kjolbro.com (reception)
hugo@kjolbro.com (provision) 

Fax orders:
+ 298 471110