Vagar Airport


Vagar Airport – A modern Airport in the Faroe Islands

Located in Sørvági, 40 minutes from Tórshavn, Vágar Airport is the only airport in the Faroe Islands, and so it functions as the Faroe Islands’ main gateway to the rest of the world. Some 250.000 people used the Vágar Airport in 2014.

Vágar Airport was originally a military installation, built during World War II. In the early 1960s the need and popular demand in the Faroe Islands for civil aviation grew to the point of making a modernisation of the runway a necessity to facilitate passenger traffic. 

Vágar Airport’s main goal is to ensure safe and convenient international traveling. Other priorities include working closely with the local and international business-community and the travel industry, in order to create a sustainable and prosperous business environment. Vágar Airport wants to make the Faroe Islands easily accessible to any visitor. Car-rental is provided and the bus terminal always has busses and taxies at the ready. A big and modern tax-free area and good food is open to all travelers.

Capacity / track record

In 2011, the runway was extended from 12500 to 1799 meters. This allows for significantly larger aircraft to land on the runway, improving flight regularity; additionally, a complete Instrument Landing system was implemented. Vágar Airport became the first airport in Europe in which an airline has approved Required Navigation Performances procedures for approach and departure.

The new Vagar Airport terminal was inaugurated in June 2014. 

Traffic Regularity

When the runway was extended to 1799 meters in 2011 and the new ILS, LLZ and DME approach instruments were implemented, the regularity at Vágar Airport improved substantially 

Contact Info

Vága Floghavn
FO-380 Sørvágur
Faroe Islands

Telephone: +298 354400
Fax.: +298 354401